13 January 2009

NSTP Fund for Gaza

Members of the public who wish to contribute to the Fund can do so at any of the bank's branches nationwide, through M2U (www.maybank2u.com), KawanKu phone banking, cash/cheque deposit machines or the more than 2,700 KawanKu ATMs nationwide. The Maybank account number for the NSTP Fund for Gaza is A/C: 514105-320501.

For those contributing via Maybank2u.com, kindly follow these steps:

  1. Login to M2U.
  2. Select "Accounts & Banking".
  3. Select "Transfers".
  4. Select "New 3rd Party Account Transfer".
  5. Request for TAC.
  6. Key in "To 3rd Party Account Number" 514105-320501.

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